How to Buy a Laser Fabric Cutting Machine

laser fabric cutting machine

Before you buy a, you should understand the basic features. These include the CO2 lasers, the conveyor working table, and the high-speed system. After you have all of these factors, you should choose a model based on your budget and requirements. This article will walk you through the steps to purchase a cutting machine and get the results you are after. There are many types of cutting machines on the market, and choosing the right one will be a breeze.

CO2 lasers

CO2 lasers for fabric cutting machines can be used to cut and engrave fabrics, especially organic materials. These machines can improve the quality of your production process and can be used for various applications, including clothing and footwear. They also allow you to cut special shapes and hollow designs in fabric. Read on to learn more about the advantages of CO2 lasers and the use they can provide for your business. We have outlined a few of the most important benefits of these cutting machines.

Conveyor working table

A vacuum absorb conveyor cutting table is a perfect choice for fast continuous cutting of textile fabrics. It also supports the operation of CO2 laser tubes of different power levels – 60w, 80w, 100w, 130w, 150w, and 180w. A high-quality CO2 laser cutting machine has a user-friendly interface and a multi-language operation system. Its auto-feeding device can easily transfer rolls of textile fabric to the cutting table. The cutting table can be equipped with various shaft diameters and an automatic material-feeding device.

High-speed system

This high-speed laser fabric cutting system is a complete cutting machine for various types of garment production. Its high-precision laser cutting technology produces smooth and accurate cutting edges, while its servo motor system ensures quick loading and unloading of processing pieces. In addition, its conveyor working table is equipped with an automatic feeding system that ensures the continuous material feeding and cutting. It is an excellent choice for cutting all kinds of digitally printed fabrics.


A is an advanced cutting system that is used to cut materials for printing, decoration and other purposes. These cutting systems include auto-feeders, multiple data transmission, and a 5-inch LCD screen CNC system. The table can collect materials automatically and finish its format processing independently. Its auto-feeder helps the materials to remain flat on the cutting table. The laser technology used in these machines enables the machine to cut a variety of materials in one go.

Non-woven materials

A Laser fabric cutting machine for non-woven materials offers a variety of advantages. The laser-cutting system features high precision, with a cutting error of less than +0.01mm. It can cut clothing and non-woven materials with hollow or special-shaped cutting designs. This machine can be configured to accommodate various material properties, including non-wovens, woven fabrics, and even leather. A honeycomb work surface is required for the best results.

Intricate designs

Using a laser fabric cutting machine is one of the best ways to make elaborate cut-out designs. With the help of a laser, these designs are easy to repeat. Some designers use entire sheets of fabric for their intricate cut-out designs, while others trace the pattern pieces with vector lines in an Adobe Illustrator file and cut them out. Laser cutting machines are especially helpful for cutting out intricate cut-out designs, as they enable users to easily repeat the process.


A laser fabric cutting machine is suitable for cutting all types of fabrics, including those with a thicker thickness. It is capable of cutting larger pieces of fabric, such as dresses, and can also process leather, acrylic, and veneer cut flowers. It works by using a high-powered laser beam to melt fiber material. Moreover, a laser fabric cutting machine can produce designs in hollow areas. Its high-speed, precise cutting results make it a popular choice for textile businesses.

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