Laser Welding Explained

Laser welding

Using can solve a number of common metal-welding problems, from joining rusty parts to creating precision welded joints. However, before can be utilized, it must first be understood. Here, we will discuss the applications and cost of laser welding. Also, we will discuss how much time and effort is required to perform laser welding. Once you have a clear understanding of these three issues, you can use this technology in your own work.

Applications of laser welding

The laser has many applications in different industries. The beam can be focused on a 0.2 mm point. The beam’s energy density is 6.3 x 1010 watts per square meter. When it’s absorbed by a workpiece, it heats it to a temperature that melts the material. Once the laser reaches the target, the melted material is flushed out and a new surface is formed.

The laser power can vary widely, but typically operates at 800-900 nm. The amount of power used depends on the desired surface treatment. Low-power density processes rely on surface heating without melting, such as bending or hardening. High-power density processes rely on melting, evaporation, or instant ablation. There are several techniques for welding different materials. Here’s a brief overview of some of the most common types.

Costs of laser welding

The cost of a 2.5-kW laser with a chiller runs between $5.42 and $8.92 per hour at 70 percent beam-on time. In addition to the laser, the unit requires various consumables such as focal lenses and mirrors. Helium, the cover gas, costs approximately $2.50 per hour, and external optics should not cost more than $0.25 per hour. The cost of operating a 5 kW laser is approximately $10 per hour, while a 2.5-kW laser costs $6.98 per hour.

The costs of a laser welding system vary greatly, but in general the main components are the cost of the welding gas, the laser medium, and the shielding gas. The costs of these parts increase because of gas logistics. By contrast, solid lasers eliminate this cost altogether. In addition, the components of a Laser welding machine vary depending on the type of work and the specialization. While the cost of a laser welding system is higher than the costs of a standard EMAG machine, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Time required for laser welding

Laser welding can be very efficient, achieving faster processing times and higher quality than traditional welding methods. However, traditional welding still hangs on to some degree, depending on who asks and what the application is. There are pros and cons to both methods. Read on for a brief analysis of both technologies and their use in different industries. The time required for laser welding is significantly shorter than that of other processes, which typically require multiple passes to complete a job.

One benefit of laser welding over other forms of welding is that it requires less time to set up. It is also possible to automate the process, reducing costs by allowing a laser tracking sensor to do the welding for you. Several industries have successfully used fiber laser welding. Engineers have incorporated fiber laser welding into product design to connect a series of batteries. The technique has also expanded the range of applications for laser welding.

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