Choosing a Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

laser cutting machine manufacturer

There are several features that you should look for when choosing a First, you need to understand the basic working mechanism of laser cutting machines. They comprise of a beam delivery assembly and a table. The table mainly consists of a bed frame and a moving part for X, Y, and Z axis movements. Lastly, the CNC controller is responsible for controlling the movement and power during cutting.

GE series fiber laser cutting machine

The GE series fiber laser cutting machine features dual-functional worktables. These worktables are alternately used to optimize cutting efficiency and save time. In addition, the machine can change the worktable within thirteen seconds, depending on the area of the worktable. The GE-T series fiber laser cutting machine is designed to improve its pipe-cutting function. It can effectively cut metal pipes. Its double-function design reduces time spent on changing the worktable, while its high-precision, rigidity, and speed increase overall work efficiency.

When selecting the right GE series fiber laser cutting machine, manufacturers should take into account the material’s reflectivity. The higher the reflectivity, the more the laser will reflect, slowing down the cutting process. Moreover, highly reflective materials may result in laser damage. As a result, the GE series fiber laser cutting machine is not suitable for low-budget operations. It is therefore recommended that a company consider the amount of budget that it can spend on its equipment.

GE series CO2 laser cutting machine

GE series CO2 laser cutting machine is designed to make accurate cuts on non-metal materials. Its laser head automatically focuses on the workpiece and adjusts the cutting and engraving depth according to the depth of the workpiece. This machine is designed to meet the requirements of engraving and cutting large-sized pieces of acrylic or MDF boards. It does not need a secondary processing process. GE series CO2 laser cutting machine has several advantages that make it suitable for various types of work.

It has fewer moving parts and requires less maintenance compared to CO2 laser. The cutting process produces gas that blows out molten metal. CO2 laser emits pure oxygen while cutting aluminum releases nitrogen. Both gasses damage the laser if the cut is too fast or too slow. Therefore, it is recommended to wear protective glasses when operating GE series CO2 laser cutting machine. Safety glasses must be marked with the appropriate wavelength and an “OD” number, which is a reduction of ten. The wavelength of CO2 laser is 10600nm.

GE series fiber laser engraving machine

When you need to personalize an object, a GE series fiber laser engraving machine can help you. Laser engravers use concentrated laser light to cut or mark a variety of materials. Once the laser beam is focused on the object’s surface, it causes intense heat that removes the top layer and leaves the design or text behind. You can customize the power of the laser beam, set the distance, and focus it on a specific area.

Laser engraving can be used to create many different kinds of items, including wood plaques, acrylic, wood, leather, and mirror marking. The technology has helped many engravers branch out into new markets. Other examples of laser-cutting products include quilting patterns, wooden signs, and mirror marking. It can even be used to create appliques, cut-out holiday decorations, and soap. By using lasers, you can create anything from a logo on a piece of jewelry to a custom jigsaw puzzle.

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