Advantages of Laser Welding

There are several advantages of over other metal fusion techniques. These advantages include fast, minimal invasive, clean, precision, and non-destructive materials. Read on to discover more about these processes and why they are the ideal choice for metal fusion. Welding by laser is one of the fastest methods and has the lowest cost per m2 of all known welding processes. Here’s what you need to know before choosing a laser for your next metal fusion project.


The application of fast has changed the way we weld and the materials we use for it. Although the first lasers were applied for thin sections, the technology has advanced to thicker and more complex sections. Keyhole mechanisms allowed lasers to produce a multi-pass process, which decreased the amount of filler metal needed and reduced the heat input to the weld. These improvements increased productivity. Now, faster laser welding is becoming the norm for many industries.

Minimal invasive

One of the newest minimally invasive methods is laser welding, which closes wounds with a beam of light. Based on the laser welding process used in plastic surgery, this procedure should be faster and easier than traditional suturing. A hand-held probe with an optical fibre that delivers the laser’s radiation is used for this procedure. Although suturing wounds is an important aspect of surgery, it can be challenging when performed in close quarters.


Using an inert gas system, such as Argon or CO2, when laser welding, can prevent oxidation of the material. As these gases are heavier than air, they settle around the part creating an oxygen-free zone. When using this method, the process can achieve greater penetration rates than that of conventional arc welding. And as a bonus, there are no consumables to buy or dispose of. This makes it an extremely cost-effective welding process.


Welding for precision requires a high level of accuracy, and this is where lasers can come in handy. The laser is positioned between the two metal pieces that you wish to join. A high voltage power supply powers the machine, which has a lens to focus the beam. A CAM (computer aided manufacturing) system controls the laser and the speed of the workpiece table. This technology allows precision welds without sacrificing speed.


When considering the cost of a Laser welding machine, one must also consider the volume of work it will perform. In the morning, the Laser welding cell might see eight large sinks and six small ones, but by the afternoon it could be seeing five different things. That means the cost will vary. However, the benefits far outweigh the cost. Laser welding is a high-quality process, and the technology is becoming increasingly affordable for both businesses and homeowners.

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