Which Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer Should You Choose?

Laser cutting machine manufacturer

Having decided to purchase a Laser cutting machine, you may want to consider the many different brands available. These include TRUMPF, Photon 5G, Shandong Leiming Laser, and Dongguan Mactron Tech. To make the process a little easier, we’ve listed the most popular laser cutting machine brands below. Take a look at each one’s features and benefits, and choose the best machine for your needs.

Photon 5G laser cutting machine

The Photon 5G is the latest laser cutting machine from Esprit Automation, a British CNC cutting machine manufacturer. Designed to provide the most precise cutting results possible, this machine boasts vector speeds of 325 m/min at 5 g acceleration. Its innovative technology enables it to maintain maximum control and precision even at high cutting speeds. The Photon 5G’s advanced drive system is designed by Bosch Rexroth, a company with experience in plasma cutting machines.

The Esprit Photon One fibre laser cutting machine is thought to be the first fibre laser cutting machine in the UK. It combines versatility, performance, and user-friendliness into a powerful, easy-to-use machine that delivers a high return on investment. The Photon 5G’s innovative design features include high-speed vector speeds of 170 m/s, a visual nesting system, and a CNC interface.

TRUMPF laser cutting machine

The Trumpf laser cutting machine is a powerful tool that can handle a variety of materials. This manufacturer has developed several advanced technologies to make cutting easier. The TRUMPF Highspeed Eco system delivers up to 100% more productivity while reducing gas consumption. The TRUMPF 10KW machine is equipped with 21 nozzle holder stations and an advanced cooling system. The machine is easy to use and set up for production runs. Intricate contours and tight layouts can be achieved, and its laser cutting head is highly programmable.

Subcon Laser, a UK-based manufacturing company, has recently purchased a 10kW fibre-laser machine from TRUMPF. The new machine represents a PS1 million investment and will improve the company’s throughput. The high-speed cutting speed of the machine will also allow it to process larger volumes of client orders. Its robust design allows it to withstand long processing runs. The management of Subcon Laser is delighted with the new equipment, and the new machine will help the company achieve its goal of becoming one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laser-cutting machinery.

Shandong Leiming Laser

Shandong Leiming Laser cutting machine has been focusing on the field of fiber laser cutting for more than 12 years. Their products are widely used in various industries, including craft, sheet metal, household appliances, advertisement, and more. They use high-quality components to manufacture fiber laser cutting machine. The company is able to offer customers a variety of cutting machine solutions, including fiber laser cutting machine, high-powered laser, and more.

Located in the Jiangsu Free Trade Zone, Shandong Leiming Laser specializes in fiber laser cutting machines. In addition to cutting machines, they also manufacture laser processing, welding, cleaning, and inspection equipment for various industries. The company’s products are ideal for use in various industries, including steel metallurgical industry, precision instrumentation, and hardware manufacturing. Its products are highly accurate and reliable, and they are regarded as high-quality tools.

Dongguan Mactron Tech

Dongguan Mactron Technology Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise, located in the famous manufacturing city of China. It combines CNC, laser, and precision machinery into one industrial laser equipment system. Besides the production of industrial laser cutting machines, Mactron also specializes in the development and production of customized automation devices. Therefore, the company provides high-quality products and excellent services to meet the needs of industrial customers.

Other than the Dongguan Mactron Tech laser cutting machines, other famous laser equipment manufacturers in China include Shandong SSR CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. and Jinan Xintian Tech Co., Ltd.. They manufacture fiber laser cutting machines that cut different shapes. These machines have the ability to move 200m per minute and reach up to 2.8G of acceleration. These machines are suitable for cutting a variety of materials, including metals and plastics.

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