The Benefits of Laser Welding and the Cost of Laser Welding Machines

Laser welding

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of, read on. There are many applications for in various industries, from the automotive to the medical. You can also learn about the cost of laser welding machines. The costs of these machines vary depending on the features of the machine. The following information will help you decide whether laser welding is right for you. Welding machines made with laser beam technology are relatively cheap. However, the costs of the laser machines themselves may vary.

Applications of laser welding in the automotive industry

For the past 40 years, automotive body parts have been welded together using resistance spot welding techniques. Laser welding can improve vehicle structural performance by achieving single-sided access, reducing flange widths and allowing downgauging of material thickness. The technology also produces less heat and therefore has a lower heat signature, improving design flexibility. Here are five ways laser welding can be used in the automotive industry. Let’s explore each of them.

The manufacturing process begins by locating the joint between the two materials. For instance, single batteries are connected in series or parallel, and the electrical connection between them is accomplished by contact tabs and arrestors. To make a good connection, the joint must be highly conductive. It must also be durable, reliable, and traceable. Laser welding is ideal for these applications because of the growing electronics in vehicles. Nowadays, almost everything in a car is controlled by a computer, except for refilling the windshield wiper fluid.

Applications in the medical industry

One of the most innovative applications of laser welding in the medical industry is the manufacture of hypotubes, flexible hollow tubes used in minimally invasive surgery. Hypotubes must be flexible and rigid in order to function properly, and laser welding can provide this flexibility. Unlike other forms of plastic joining, laser welding is capable of bonding dissimilar materials. This bonding ensures better performance and longer lifespan for these devices.

The aesthetics of medical welding is an important consideration as the end-user may be a surgeon or a patient. The surgeon may not want to see a weld that is obvious to the naked eye. A low-profile weld is hardly noticeable, while a high-profile one is almost impossible to notice. Using a laser system, however, eliminates this issue entirely. Medical devices are increasingly becoming increasingly sophisticated and high-tech, and they require precise and aesthetic results.

Cost of laser welding machines

The price of laser welding machines depends on the type of the machine used. Some machines can be used for welding different types of metals. For non-metallic materials, a general machine is a better choice. Its processing effect is more limited, but it has higher price than its counterparts. More features mean more cost. Moreover, some manufacturers may not provide good after-sales services, which makes them expensive. As a result, customers will be forced to purchase less expensive equipment.

The global laser welding machine market is highly fragmented with several players operating in the domestic market. Several domestic companies are investing in automated laser welding machines to meet the demand for advanced welding solutions. In addition, companies are also launching products that are easy to use, reducing the need for highly skilled labor. For instance, IPG Photonics launched its light WELD system in 2020. The light WELD system has an easy-to-use interface and is designed for users who do not have a lot of experience. The report also includes a detailed analysis of the major players operating in the global market.

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