How to Paint White Kitchen Cabinets

white kitchen cabinet

When it comes to working with whites, texture is key. White cabinet fronts feature a grooved grid pattern that plays well with the wood grain opposite and the veining in the countertop above. This adds visual interest and adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen, especially when paired with neutrals. Here are some tips to make your white kitchen cabinets look as stylish as possible. Also, take note of the undertone of your cabinets: whether you want the room to be bright and airy or calming and soothing.

Off-white cabinets with a yellow undertone

Paint your kitchen cabinets a bright, off-white shade like Cloud White. This is a warm, reflective white that matches well with green and tan hues. Its slight yellow undertone gives it a slightly greige effect. While it’s a crowd favorite, Cloud White isn’t appropriate for every room. To avoid yellow in the cabinets, choose an off-white countertop color like Brittanica Warm or Benjamin Moore Cloud White.

To balance the natural sense of an off-white kitchen, consider a dark wood countertop or an open bookshelf. Dark wood will balance off-white cabinets while terracotta and wood will mute strong tones. Brass picks up the undertone of off-white cabinets and makes them stand out. A Jessica Helgerson kitchen, for example, makes use of off-white cabinets in a neutral palette to create a space that is both elegant and welcoming.

Off-white cabinets with a beige undertone

Off-white cabinets with a beige undertone will be a great choice for those who want a timeless color scheme in their kitchen. This color has a warm undertone that complements many colors. For example, if you have maple cabinets with an orange/brown undertone, off-white will not match them. The same holds true for a carpet with a pink or beige undertone. If you have orange or tan undertones, you may want to consider another color such as cream or even a shade of gray.

Off-white cabinets can be paired with a tan countertop or with a darker wood. While white cabinets look fantastic with any other color, pairing them with a dark wood countertop and appliances can help your kitchen look more complete. While you can pair off-white cabinets with beige countertops with white appliances, a warm white countertop and beige undertone can make your kitchen look much more inviting and welcoming.

Antique-white cabinets with a yellow undertone

The difference between antique-white cabinets and the more common, bright white is the undertone. If your antique-white cabinets have a yellow undertone, they will look more creamy than true white. If your cabinets are antique-white, you can also paint your living room in this shade if you choose to paint your living room in a warmer tone. Alabaster and other lighter whites are great choices for warm-toned rooms, and you can pick these shades from the same paint strip that your antique-white cabinets are painted in.

There are several reasons why this colour isn’t ideal for cabinets and trim. The biggest problem is that it tends to be too dark for modern-styled decor. This is because Antique White has a deeper yellow undertone than traditional white or off-white paint colours. If you are considering an Antique-white kitchen with yellow undertones, you should be aware of the nuances of this colour and the effects it may have on your room.

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