Which Leisure Spa is Right For You?

Which Leisure Spa is Right For You?

Leisure spa

You’ve decided to purchase a Leisure spa, but which one is right for you? If you’re not sure what to choose, you should read this article, which compares the top models from Leisure Time, Innovaflow, Reserve, and Go Spas. It will help you decide which luxury hydrotherapy pool is best for you. Then you can take a relaxing and rejuvenating soak. If you’re looking for a great way to relax and rejuvenate your body, you’ve come to the right place!

Leisure Time

For the best water clarity in your Leisure spa, consider purchasing a Spa Bright & Clear. This product is specifically made for hot water and attracts dirt, which the filter can then remove. You can also add a Spa Bright & Clear to your tub for additional sanitation and protection. To use the Spa Bright & Clear, add a few granules of this product to the water. Then, use it as directed by the manufacturer.

Spa Up by Leisure Time is a sanitizer that gently adjusts the pH and alkalinity levels of your water. It is best used in larger spas and commercial spas. Proper water chemistry is critical to the safety and effectiveness of a sanitizer. Keeping pH balanced increases the effectiveness of sanitizers, reducing maintenance costs. Spa Up is compatible with bromine, chlorine, and biguanide sanitizers.

Premium Leisure Spas use advanced hydrotherapy techniques to target aching muscles and relieve chronic muscle tension. With pulsating warm water jets, Premium Leisure Spas can relieve a variety of pain and discomfort, including back pain, neck pain, and shoulder aches and pains. The jetted seats are positioned for ultimate comfort, so you can sit back and relax while soaking in the water. Once your mind is clear and your body relaxed, you’ll be ready for the next day of activity.

Garden Leisure spas are made to last and are designed for comfort and luxury. The quality and technology that is put into each model makes them the ideal spa for any home. Garden Leisure spas feature high-performance pumps, multiple jets, and other top-of-the-line amenities. The water is heated evenly throughout the whole spa, giving you the ultimate spa experience. The Leisure spas are incredibly popular and come in different styles and sizes.

Go Spas

With the best components and expert craftsmanship, a GO Spa is a great choice for anyone wanting a luxury leisure spa. GO Spas utilize Lucite’s(tm) acrylic surface for unparalleled beauty and a durable custom molded plastic bottom for durability and protection of a home owner’s deck. They are also built with a heavy duty, maintenance-friendly wood substructure and heavy-duty thermo cover, so you can enjoy your luxury leisure spa for years to come.

The Budget Line from Go Spas includes 14 spas that are both 110-volt and 220-volt compatible. Two of the most popular spas in the budget line are the GO 616 and GO 626, triangular corner spas. The latter has more jets than the former, but is not convertible. Another affordable option is the GO 622, a two-person dual-lounger spa that measures 84″ 66″ x 34″.


If you are in the market for a new spa, look no further than the innovaflow leisure spa from Leisure Pools and Spas. This revolutionary system, installed in the water line manifold, reduces the amount of energy consumed by the spa, so you can enjoy the benefits of this technology while also saving money. You can easily enjoy the benefits of this system, and you can even save money on heating costs! Here are some of the features you’ll love.


Leisure Time’s Reserve and Renew spa chemicals combine to give your spa crystal clear water. Reserve is a liquid sodium bromide solution that delivers a powerful bromine sanitizing effect. Reserve is chlorine-free and does not produce any unpleasant side effects. It is compatible with both chlorine and non-chlorinator sanitizers. Reserve is an essential part of a complete sanitizing system.

Both chemicals are used to sanitize water, so the owner must mix them properly. A good amount of Reserve should be used in the first week to maintain a sanitized spa. A small amount of Renew should be added after 15 minutes. Repeat this process every week after the first treatment to ensure the water remains crystal clear. After each treatment, the spa owner should test the water to ensure that the levels are adequate.


Renew at leisure spa is a product that converts bromide into active bromine. It is available in 2.2 lbs. and 5 lbs. sizes. When used in the spa, Renew will maintain clear, odor-free water. It also sanitizes the water. It is a part of the Simple Spa Care Program. The granular version should be added to 250 gallons of water and left running for 15 minutes with the cover off.

Renew is a non-chlorine shock oxidizer that dissolves in spa water, eliminating organic materials. Renew’s bromine content kills microorganisms without affecting pH levels. It is used in conjunction with a chlorine-free sanitizing system that is available from Leisure Time Spas. This system allows spa owners to use both chlorine and bromine without worrying about the toxicity of either chemical.

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